Mexican Floor Tile

Mexican floor tiles have actually derived their name from one of the towns situated in Saltillo, Mexico, wherein, these tiles are made by hand from the most primitive material called raw clay. Later on, these tiles are thoroughly dried in the sun but they still remain fragile until are installed once and for all. Since these tiles are handmade, sun-dried or even wood fired, they are expected to have a hay-wire shape and not a perfect flat shape with perfect finished edges or so. However, when these tiles are installed in a given room, they still manage to enhance a room’s aesthetics and chip in a soft, textured look to the overall area.

These tiles sure have a lot to say and much to show, but the choice of choosing them depends from individual to individual. Some totally like it! And others awfully hate it! Well, this is for the people who hate it. Below are some designs and variations.

  • Mexican Floor Tile Designs
  • Saltillo Floor Tiles
  • Lincoln and Tecate Tiles
  • Toscano Antiguo Floor Tile
    Tierra Terra Cotta Floor Tile
  • Talavera Mexican Tile
  • Hand Painted Mexican Ceramic Tile Murals


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