Ceramic and Clay Floor Tiles

Ceramic floor tiles come in an almost endless variety of styles and designs. They are really easy to maintain and cost effective as compared to other tiles available in the market. They are just plain good looking. If you are searching for an excellent flooring solution for your home improvement project then investing on ceramic floor tilesis one of the best decisions you can make as a homeowner. The most attractive thing about ceramic floor tile for homeowners is undoubtedly the unlimited variety of styles in which these are available to choose from. Whether you are looking for a refined classic style, terracotta type tiles, a rustic stone imitation, or decorated Mexican tile,ceramic floor tile is the perfect solution for your needs.

You can even have custom made ceramic tile that fit just about any design you can imagine. One of the several other advantages of these tiles is their cost. These tiles are available at much lower prices as compared to popular stone alternatives when it comes to floor tiles. And when you take into consideration the fact that ceramic floor tile can be made to copy just about any surface, you have got a beautiful tile floor that looks as stunning as stone at much cheaper cost.  Apart from these benefits the other reason to choose these tiles for your flooring needs is purely aesthetic. This floor tile looks great. Whether you are looking for a rustic southwestern feel, a more upgraded polished look, or something amid, these tiles come in such a wide range of designs that you are sure to be able to suit your taste or desire.  To learn more different floor tiles visit Saltillo Floor Tile.

Hardwood Flooring Finish, Stain, and Decorative Treatments

Hardwood flooring can be a durable, long lasting surface covering material, but it has to be properly finished in order to protect it from stains, damage, and moisture penetration. in addition there are a number of colorful and creative decorative treatments that you can apply to make the floor take on a variety of unique stylistic appearances.

Hardwood Floor Surface Treatments

Stains: These consist of a variety of color changing chemicals which can soak down into the surface of hardwood planks, and tint them from within. These are often coated with a protective above surface finish treatment.The advantage of stains is that they color the wood, while still leaving the natural features of the material visible in its surface. You can stain darker or lighter depending on how many coats are applied.

Bleaching: This is a process that uses harsh chemicals to lighten the color of the wood. In this treatment some of the features are washed out, but the majority remain in a slightly lighter, more pleasant hue.

Distressed: This involves a number of treatments where you try to damage the floor in such a way that it looks like it is aged. This is often done by staining the material a very dark color, and then bleaching it to make the colors look like they faded over time. Other techniques include scratching, scraping, or denting the floor to give it seemingly random personality features.

Wood Inlays: This is a fairly advanced decorative treatment that involves setting different pieces of wood into an already installed floor. This allows you to include emblems, carved pieces, and contrasting species of wood colors directly in the material surface.